Building Design System
at Vodafone Czech

Design System / User Interface Design
Project Overview
Design system for website and mobile combining global branding guidelines with local activities to reflect a single source of truth for digital products in Vodafone Czech.
My Contributions
I started activities and promote internally in the design team and within the organization.

I established principles for the design team, and library structure and led the migration from Sketch to Figma later on.

I educate the team, identify opportunities to optimize workflows, and promote industry best practices to the team.
Project Context
When I join Vodafone Czech there was at that time no Design System, just some visual guidelines from Visual Graphic Designer. We decided together with product owners in Digital to refresh the overall look & feel of the, Mobile My Vodafone app, and some more internal tools.

So, we started in a situation where we primarily need to consistently redesign all those interfaces in a short time with limited resources. For our internal Design Team it was a challenge to adapt new visual language and implementation of those rapidly changing UIs. We started to find inconsistencies in our designs.

We decided to invest some time and effort to build up Sketch Shared Library for us as designers to increase our productivity and consistency in our outcomes. From there it also became the starting point for new React Storybook component libraries. We also spend some time in alignment with the global Vodafone Design team and follow the brand guidelines.

Design System is published under the password on the website

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